Winter fruit

Like when winter approaches we change clothes form the closet, our body must adapt to low temperatures and the lack of sun.

Nature is wise and it floods the market with seasonal foods that help fight against colds and flu.

These are the most recommended fruits for the winter season:


Pineapple: Tropical fruit with high content of water and low calories. It’s rich in vitamins and fiber.

Orange: With high content of C vitamin, it’s essential for our body and help us increase our defenses.

Mandarine: This fruit protect us from colds because it has a high content of C vitamin.

Kiwi: With high content on fiber, this fruit give us C and E vitamins and has diuretic properties. You can eat it at any time of the day.

Apple: You can find it every season, but it´s a winter fruit. It’s good for our teeth and gives us fiber, potassium, iron and C vitamin.

Pear: It gives us fiber and vitamins like folic acid.