TC FRUITS - News coronavirus measures 14.3.20

Given the increased risk of transmission of the Covid-19 coronavirus, from TC FRUITS we inform you of the temporary preventive measures applied in order to protect the health of our workers and the rest of professionals who have a daily relationship with our activity.

So far, the incidence of the epidemic in our work areas is not alarming, but we must be cautious and be prepared for the growth in the number of infected people.

For this reason, we have put in place a series of precautionary measures.

- To protect third parties and professionals outside the organization:

At entry points, a safe distance is maintained and no physical contact is eliminated.

All third party visits to the company have been suspended.

A protocol of attention to carriers has been established to guarantee the dispatch and reception of goods in a safe way.

The free movement of people between our different departments has been prohibited to avoid the risk of cross contamination. Just as a documentation exchange protocol has been established.

- To guarantee the health of workers:

Close monitoring of regulatory compliance with the code of good hygiene and handling practices has been strengthened.

Daily cleaning and disinfection services within the facilities have been intensified, providing these personnel with more resources.

If workers with symptoms of respiratory infection are detected, they will be sent to the health service, and they will not be able to return to the job until they prove by means of medical proof, their free status.

The administrative and commercial personnel have been provided with the necessary resources to promote teleworking to the extent that the circumstances of their position allow, limiting the physical presence of workers to a minimum.

The work shifts of the staff as well as the distances between the work stations are being adapted, in order to allow for greater spaces and minimize risks of contagion between workers, both in the work areas and in access to common areas.

Talks have been held with all the staff to inform them of the special preventive measures being adopted, ensuring their knowledge of them, and seeking their awareness of this situation and reassuring them.

We will establish continuous communications of the measures that are being adopted by our organization in the face of future events with the advance of the epidemic, in order to guarantee the health of our workers and professionals related to our activity.

To be up-to-date and correctly informed about the evolution of COVID-19, we recommend visiting the following websites:

Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain:

World Health Organization:

Federation of National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: